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  Diecast Registry Price Guide



Our mission at Diecast Registry is to help you become a smarter NASCAR diecast collector. In line with this mission, the purpose of the Diecast Registry Price Guide is to provide DCR Members with analytical insight to current trends in the diecast collectible market. Three factors lead to the development of Diecast Registry and it's on-line NASCAR Price Guide:

  • The repeated appearance of multiple diecast cars with identical chassis numbers. Unfortunately, fraudulent cars have appeared on internet auction sites with regularity. For example, three Platinum Taco Bell chassis #0010 cars were auctioned by different the same time! Registering your car protects your investment by discouraging fraudulent duplication of your car.
  • The inflated prices, incomplete product listings, and months-after-the-fact timeliness of the data reflected in our competitor's paperback publications. One cannot become a smarter collector by using a price guide that contains sales data "reported" by "30 advisors" who have a vested interest in John Q. Public believing that the 2000 Peter Max RCCA 1:24 Elite is worth $1,438+. In the Diecast Registry on-line Price Guide, you will find that, from 2004 through 2009, 200 124 Peter Max Elites have sold yielding a current market value os $162 (June 2009). You see, true market value is determined based on what buyers are willing to pay, not based on what sellers are asking as Diecast Digest & Beckett's wants you to believe.
  • The lack of a public Internet storefront where collectors can look to purchase the more valuable low-sequential-numbered collectibles. So you like collecting diecasts with sequential number 0002? There are more than a dozen of them for sale right now at

Diecast Price Guide User Manual

1. Go to

2. If you are not currently a DCR member, click on the yellow Become a Member button in the menu bar. Complete the form as instructed.

3. Sign in by entering your ID and Pasword in the upper right hand corner of the header.

4. Click on the blue Price Guide button in the menu bar.

5. The image below shows the Diecast Price Guide when it opens. There are two sections to the Diecast Price Guide: 5a) The Filtration Options and 5b) The Results Table.

6. By default, the results table opens showing all diecast with market values that have been updated within the past 60 days. These diecast are identified with the yellow $ in the results table.

7. To see market values for all diecast (even those whose values have not been updated in the last 60 days), simply click on the 'Show all diecast values' radio button. The webpage will refresh to display the new content in the results table.

8. The Diecast Registry Price Guide also makes it easy to identify which diecast are increasing in value and which diecast are becoming less valueable. The green up arrow indicates a diecast that's market value is currently increasing and/or it's long-term value is expected to increase. The red down arrow indicates a diecast that's market value is currently decreasing and/or it's long-term value is expected to decrease.

9. The results table contents can also be sorted using the Sort By drop down. For example, if you wanted to sort the results table by "Most Samples" it would show you the single diecast that DCR has observed selling most often in online auctions. As of June 1009, the 2004 Dale Jr. 1:24 Bud CWC has sold an amazing 613 times. Try it for yourself; The 2008 diecast that has just recently taken over the second-most-sold spot will probably surprise you.

10. Lets use the price guide to find the current market value of the Dale Earnhardt 2000 Peter Max 1:24 RCCA Elite. First, select "Earnhardt, Dale Sr." from the Driver drop down. The results table will refresh upon selection.

10. Now lets further filter the results table to show only 2000 RCCA Elites by selecting "2000" from the Year drop down. Hint: If you quickly (within 2 seconds after selecting "Earnhardt, Dale Sr." from the Driver drop down) select "2000" from the Year drop down, the results table will filter for both (Driver and Year) with a single refresh.

11. Your browser will refresh and now the results table shows that the Peter Max Elite is 3rd highest-valued Dale Earnhardt Elite made in 2000. 

12. One can see that this market value was determined from exactly 143 online auctions that DCR tracked for this specific diecast.

13.One can see that the standard deviation is ~ $51. This means that 99% of all Peter Max Elites sell online for $232 + $51 (or between $283 - $181). It is interesting to note how many online sellers reference the misleading Diecast Digest book value of $1,438.


14. Click on the Trend Chart icon in the results table to see a trend chart of the actual sales prices that DCR has recorded. The trend chart gives the smart collector the ability to predict the diecast's future value as if investing in a stock on the stockmarket.

15. Clicking on the Camera Icon in the results table opens a pop-up window that shows a picture of the diecast and a detailed breakdown of the sales data.

16. As you know, RCCA Elites are sequentially numbered and the lower-numberd diecast are typically more valueable. The DCR Price Guide is the only diecast price guide in the world that gives collectors the market value broken into serial numbers. In the case of the Peter Max Elite, you already know from the results table that a "commonly-numbered car is worth $232.88 (a commonly-numbered diecast is a diecast with serial numbers 0051 and higher). The "As Of" date of 12/24/2006 means that the most recent sale that DCR recorded was on December 24th. Yes, this also means that the farthest-right data point on the trend chart was from 12/24/06.

17. The breakdown below also shows that  three Peter Max Elites with serial numbers between 21 and 50 have yielded an average sales price of $260.82. Interestingly, 4 of the 6 Peter Max Elites with serial numbers between 0004 - 0009 have been sold since February of 2004.

18. The DCR Price Guide is also the only diecast price guide in the world that gives collectors the market value of a diecast if it is autogrpahed. Accordingly, two commonly-numbered Peter Max Elites with a genuine Dale Earnhardt autograph have sold for an average price of $430.92.



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